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Life In Plastic, It's Fantastic

September 2018

The evolution of the equality between men and women in our American culture has allowed for many changes to occur in our country’s recent history.  While these changes have led to a revolution of women in the work force and in positions of power, I have chosen to express through this series of photographs how women were, and are still, objects in a male driven society.                                                                                       

Up through the 1950’s and 1960’s the men went off to work while the women were expected to create a beautiful home and keep themselves and their family in ideal form, as portrayed in so many family television programs.  In my photographs I used a mannequin as the object of perfection expected: cooking, cleaning and gardening, while the male was a real person that brought home the bread and was served.  To demonstrate the hope of equality, a real “daughter” was also used to express the hope of the future generations of females that will grow up and experience a world of greater balance between men and women in equal pay for equal work and break the cycle of women being treated as objects.

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