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April 2021

Creative Team:

Photographer: Alise King

Designer: Marlena Prast - BEYOU

Assistant: Sam Mandich 

Assistant: Aga Kardasz

MUA: Eva Cassie

Models: Viona Charles / Tarren Garcia / Christien Williams / Jordan Farish / Eden Moskona / Mia Domenech / Nat Norberg / Joie Cousin / Lilla Farkas / Malaika Nasimok 

Exhale is a photography and video collaboration with Paris College of Art fashion design

student, Marlena Prast. Prast’s collection highlights inclusivity while challenging the

stigmas of mental health by creating high functioning and aesthetically pleasing

garments implemented with sensory tools. These sensory tools aim to promote

productivity and security for the wearer, particularly for people suffering with anxiety.

The concept of the film is to properly showcase Prast’s designs while telling a short

fashion story playing off feelings of anxiety and moments of tension that transition to

calm, peaceful moments. The intention is to allow the viewer to see that the sensory

tools installed into the garments provide comfort and security during moments people

experience anxiety. The film is accompanied with photographs of each garment, meant

to be shown as a look book. The photos portray the subject surrounded by chaotic

motion moving all around them, yet they remain still as the garments keep them at peace.

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